Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 74(1) February 2024

Book Reviews

Credo. A Compendium of the Catholic Faith
by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Sophia Institute Press

Reviewed by Dr Pravin Thevasathan

Book CoverThis is an absolute delight of a read. It has endorsements by Scott Hahn, Cardinal Robert Sarah and many other greats. The work is presented in question and answer format. Although I found the doctrinal sections of particular interest, for the purposes of this review I will examine the sections on morality.

One question asked is : does the Church infallibly teach that direct abortion is intrinsically evil? The answer is yes, followed by Pope John Paul's famous declaration on the subject.

Another question examines how pro-abortion Catholic politicians ought to be dealt with. If they persist in their error, they should be admonished by the Church's pastors and not be admitted to Holy Communion until they repent.

Other questions on marriage and sexual ethics are answered with profound clarity.

The issue of the morality of having the Covid vaccine caused divisions even among fully believing Catholics. Many traditional Catholics believe that it is never right to have the vaccine and Bishop Schneider is one such. Unfortunately, he claims that abortion-tainted products may even contain remnants of the tiny bodies of the unborn. "Quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus." (Even Homer nods.) My own view is that this is a case where "my body, my choice" really does apply.

This reservation aside, this book is brilliant. It is the tonic that is needed for our confused times.