Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 73(4) November 2023


Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Dr Pravin ThevathasanIn order to understand what is happening to our beloved Church, it is useful to read back to its early age. Crises in the history of the Church are fre­quent. The Arian crisis is of great interest as so many bishops fell into heresy or were frankly indifferent. It is my sincere belief that something worse is happening right now.

Let us look at some worst case scenarios. Let us suppose that some cleric who is best known for his erotic writings is given a huge promotion. Let us also suppose that he has unambiguously indicated his intention of attempting to change the moral teachings of the Church, especially in relation to sexual ethics. Let us now suppose that he proceeds to use his new found power to attempt a change of teaching. What should we do?

Firstly, it is impossible for him to succeed because the defined teachings of the church on matters of faith and morals can never change. He may use words like "development" and "evolution" and other terms frequently used by Modernists to explain his attempt at change. He may accuse us of a certain rigidity. Or he may tell us that we are being merciless and judgmental. Whatever he tells us, we will resist.

I am frequently asked the question: why are our bishops silent? Because they don't want to end up like Cardinals Burke or Muller or Sarah. They don't want to end up like Bishop Torres or, quite possibly, Strickland. And its cold out there in Kazakhstan!

So, it is up to us laity to form ourselves. It has been said that this crisis is a crisis of holiness.