Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 73(3) August 2023

Editorial - On losing one’s pampers 

Dr Pravin ThevathasanSome of our Church leaders have said that the teachings of the Catholic Church on human sexuality are at the infant stage. I disagree. Apart from being an insult to the Fathers of the Church, to St Thomas Aquinas, to St John Paul, and countless other great theologians, as clinicians we know this is a false assertion. It is our secular society that has been regressing as a consequence of the sexual revolution. We have now got to the stage when politicians are refusing to define such terms as "man" and "woman."

In contrast, the Catholic Church can offer the world a rich anthropology. Alas, some of our Church leaders are intent on secularising Church teachings and they are attempting to exploit the Synod on Synodality to further their cause. As for the German Church, their bishops have been acting like pied pipers leading their flock merrily out of the City of God.

The only response is to defend the traditional teachings of the Church and to do so with confidence.