Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 72(1) February 2022

Sir David Amess MP (1952-2021)

 Sir David Amess was a staunchly pro-life Catholic politician. He was respected by those who agreed with him and those who did not. That suggests a remarkable personality. He was not simply "personally pro-life." He was actually pro-life and he voted consistently as a pro-life politician. His murder removed from us an inspirational politician.

We need more politicians like Sir David. We need a Christian presence in parliament. On its website (26, October, 2021), the National Secular Society grudgingly acknowledged the role that religion played in the defeat of the latest Assisted Dying Bill. It also notes that there were some people who consider themselves Christians who supported the bill. They include George Carey, Ruth Davidson, Sal Brinton and Gus O'Donnell.

The life of Sir David reminds us that we need to actively engage with our culture. And to be a Christian presence in our culture. May he rest in peace.