Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 72(2) May 2022

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War in Ukraine
Saving the Ukrainian President Care of the dying
Assisted dying legislation increases the suicide rate in general


Being a pro-life witness in a hostile world
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Leaving the Catholic Church
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

In Haec Tempora

The war in Ukraine
Dr Dermot Kearney has won his case regarding abortion pill reversal
Catholic Medical Association Youth Branch
Upcoming GMC Good Medical Practice Review - how to get involved

 The Archive of the Catholic Medical Quarterly

From the Catholic Medical Gazette (1941) Volume 18 No 4, October


John Henry remembered: Saving the life of the President of Ukraine
Dr Adrian Treloar

Protocol for Care of the Dying Patient

Document of the Protocol for Care of the Dying Patient, For Catholic Health Professionals


Conscientious Objection is a central issue in Europe
Dr Adrian Treloar

Legalizing assisted suicide does not decrease other suicide deaths?
Alex Schadenberg

Loneliness, Euthanasia and the Wholeness of Human Personhood Part 1 of lll: Loneliness to “Aloneness”
Francis Etheredge


Madatory Vaccination

Book Reviews

Grace Explained: How to receive and retain God’s most powerful gift
Fr Brian Mullady

Blessed Carlo Acutis, 5 steps to being a Saint
Mgr Anthony Fuigueredo

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