Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 71(2) May 2021


CoverCovid Vaccines: Should we?
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Abortion Pill Reversal - stop press

The source and the summit of General practise takes us to the feet of Jesus.
Dr Catherine Mangham

Current COVID-19 Vaccines: Licit or Illicit
An interview with Dr. Thomas Ward


Sexual Orientation Health Disparities: A critique of the Minority Stress Theory
Christopher H. Rosik Ph.D and Andre Van Mol, M.D.


Two-child benefit cap is influencing women’s abortion decisions: BPAS study

Responsum of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to a dubium regarding the blessing of the unions of persons of the same sex, 15.03.2021


Professor R.L. Walley

Book Reviews

Books reviewed by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Conservatism. The fight for a tradition
by Edmund Fawcett

Dante’s Christian Ethics: Purgatory and Its Moral Context
George Corbett

Behaviorism: The Quandary of a Psychology without a Soul
Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

How to feel good and how not to: The ethics of using marijuanna, alcohol anti-depressants and other mood-altering drugs
John-Mark L. Miravalle

Exorcism. The battle against satan and his demons
Fr. Vincent Lampert

Psychology and the perennial philosophy
Samuel Sotillos (Editor)


From our Comboni missionary friends in Ethiopia
Sr Nives Battaglia

Do not attempt resuscitation decisions in those with learning disabilities
Dr Tony Cole

Accepting trans identity: a note of caution
Dr Joseph Shaw


Youth Branch: Dealing with uncertainty.

The unexplained infertility summit

Kent and Sussex branches
    Covid vaccines – what are the ethics? and do we have choices?
    Science and the greatness of God from the perspective of molecular biology.
Boarbank Hall - What can we learn from Covid?