Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 70(2) May 2020


Abortion law is rapidly changing.

Abortion law has rapidly been changing recently. It looks as if those who promote abortion and the culture of death are well aware that there is nothing better than a crisis to break down barriers. In that context, we have seen rapid developments in the law around abortion in Northern Ireland as well as a huge liberalisation of abortion on the UK mainland. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the emergency Coronavirus Act liberalised abortion so that pre-abortion consultation could be done on-line (by video etc) and the medical abortion pills cold be sent to patients and taken at home. Last year, the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019, Bill was used to establish abortion rights in Northern Ireland and to put in place the most liberal abortion regime that the UK has ever seen. The Act was fast-tracked through Parliament and forced on Northern Ireland by Westminster politicians. The Act was manipulated by pro-abortion politicians very successfully (for them). Times of crisis are times to do all we can to protect the young , the unborn and the vulnerable. The CMA(UK) submission on law reform in Northern Ireland is reproduced in this issue of the CMQ. It makes many good arguments in favour of protecting he unborn. The submission is on page ###