Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 70(3) August 2020

The Cycle Power Summit 16-20th April 2020.

summit logosThis was the second year the Cycle Power Summit has been held. It was online with free registration. We report on the UPDATE ON NFP TREATMENT presented by Ira Winter

Another method of Natural Family Planning is the Creighton Model FertilityCare system (CrMS). It was developed by gynaecologist Dr Tom Hilgers MD in Omaha Nebraska in the 1970’s, upon reviewing other NFP methods particularly the Billings Ovulation method. Due to the standardisation of language and codes used with the CrMS, the system lends itself to medical evaluation and in Europe especially, has been taken up by many couples wishing to conceive. The medical treatment utilising information from the CrMS charting is known as NaProTechnology (NPT or NaPro).

In the UK, medical NPT treatment is difficult to access, and UK CrMS practitioners largely refer to Dr Caroline Guindon in Ireland for NPT treatment. (see contact info below) Preparation for the medical appointments like charting teaching and cooperative blood testing is guided by the UK practitioners locally. To support the public with information on the CrMS and NPT as well as how to find a local suitably trained practitioner, British practitioners have founded a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) called Fertility-care Centres Great Britain . The organisation will for the first-time group together under one umbrella all British CrMS practitioners, thus making it easier for referring organisations such as churches or marriage support groups to sign-post to just one information point. For information regarding Fertility-Care practitioners in other European countries see

Most practitioners can teach via distance, thus helping to spread the thin numbers further. Due to the precise language that has to be learnt by users, the method is always taught by a practitioner, not just from a book. It is always taught one-to-one. In the absence of the NHS or insurances covering costs, the method carries a cost in its learning. Therefore, FCCGB will serve as a fund-raising hub to promote and support better access for all to this method.

All clients record initially using paper and pen method. Only after a minimum of 5 follow-up sessions or three months charting can clients be deemed ready by their practitioner to start using the CrMS app which was released in Sep 2019. Inherent to the method is the promotion of marriage, relationship growth and improved communication.

The method excels in pinpointing underlying variations to normal cycle patterns. Identifying suboptimal conditions for conception and then providing treatment is the foundation to the natural conception support gained through CrMS and NPT.

Conditions such as male or female sub-fertility, PCOS, irregular even absent cycles, irregular bleeding, PMS, menstrual cramps, endometriosis and others have successfully found relief with NPT.

Ira Winter is a NaPro nurse practitioner, naturopath and director of Fiat FertilityCare.


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