Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 69(3) August 2019

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Hoc Tempore:
    The need for Catholics Voice in Healthcare

    Forced abortion in the UK
    GP’s coerced toward euthenasia
    Aborted cell line vaccines
    A double murder and the offence of Child Destruction
Dr Adrian Treloar


This is the Age of Laity - Dr Pravin Thevathasan


Abortion in the U.S. and the question of personhood of the foetus - Fr. Ward Biemans SJ

NICE’s reputation is at risk as a result of its new guideline on abortion
- From the President of the CMA(UK)

Practical Medical Ethics

The British Medical Association and Royal College of Physicians’ guidance on Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration - Helen Watt

Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines: the ethics and the need for an alternative vaccine
- Dr Adrian Treloar


American Medical Association and World Medical Association retain their opposition to euthanasia

Jeremy Hunt attacked by extremists for “incredibly alarming” abortion views


The Annual Conference of the Catholic Medical Association

CMA Annual Conference 2019: “Following Jesus in Healthcare”
- Sister Andrea Fraile of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life

Faith in Medicine

A moral compass to guide me - Dr Donna Ropmay


The Annual Conference of the Catholic Medical Association, Hull, 25th April 2020

Book Reviews

Virtues abounding

Intention, Character and Double Effect

The Power of Truth


Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration.
Fr Hugh MacKenzie

Road deaths of pregnant women - status of unborn
Anthony Porter & Editorial Comment

Gender Ideology
Dr Steve Brennan