Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 68(4) November 2018

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Nov CMQ CoverEditorial

The Catholic Church and the sex abuse crisis
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

The Supreme Court and death from dehydration
Dr Anthony Cole


The Supreme Court decision on clinically assisted nutrition and hydration
Dr Philip Howard

Buffer zones around abortion clinics

Practical Medical Ethics

Welcoming a child after prenatal diagnosis of a serious or life-limiting condition
Dr Helen Watt

Semper Idem

  • The Holy Family in exile
  • The Family under attack
    Piers Shepherd
  • Book Review - ‘Uniformity with God’s will
  • The Bioethics Column - What is Healthcare
  • Catholics in Healthcare:
  • Conference Report to Evangelium (more details on page 8)
  • CMA Youth Retreat on Building the Family and the Culture of Life

Faith in Medicine

The Life of Nagai Takashi
Pia Jolliffe


Child Abuse: However did we get here? Dr Ian ,jessiman

A case against the opt-out system of organ donation
Dr Agneta Sutton

Consent for Organ Donation after Death – the Legal Aspects
John Duddington

An Introduction to Natural Family Planning
Dr Lucy and Fr Michael Bemand-Qureshi

Book Reviews

Catholic Witness In Health Care.
Practicing Medicine in Truth & Love. Edited by John M. Travaline & Louise A. Mitchell

The Human Person. A Bioethical Word By Francis Etheredge


Natural Family Planning.
Dr Jessica Almeida

Death on the Roads and Suicide.
Dr Anthony Porter