CMQ - May 1992


  1. To refer or not to refer
  2. Report of the committee on the Ethics of Gene Therapy
  3. Assisted Suicide and the Distinction Between Killing and Letting Die James F. Keenan, SJ
  4. Fraud of the Century? - J. Gordon Muir and John H. Court
  5. Objectifying Psychotherapy. - Wanda Poitawska MD.,
  6. The Human Genome Project and Gene Therapy. A.P. Cole, J. Duddington, J Williamson, I. Jessiman.
  7. Response to the Invitation by the Scottish Law Commission on 'Mentally Disabled Adults'
  8. The Cockney's Cardinal - Michael Straiton
  9. Lets do a Ward Round - Prof P.H. Millard
  10. Tadpole Observes
  11. Letters
  12. Human Dignity - St. Marie-Antoinette de la Trinite
  13. Book Review
  14. Reports from Branches
  15. Obituaries