Book Review

20 Answers: Abortion

by Trent Horn
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN : 9781784690571

20 Answers: Abortion coverCTS is to be commended for its excellent 20 Answers series. This one on abortion looks at 20 difficult questions that we are often asked and it gives reasoned answers which are completely faithful to the teachings of the Church .

The questions include: Is the foetus a person? Should not women have the right to control their own bodies? Should we not keep abortion safe and legal? What if the woman's life is in danger? Why not promote contraception in order to reduce abortion rates?

The answer give to the question of abortion after rape is excellent because it is both truthful and compassionate. It is the rapist who is the source of evil, not the unborn child. How can abortion ease the trauma of rape? One might have added that the Royal College of Psychiatrists has stated that abortion does not improve the mental health of the woman. One might have further added that this one issue has been used to great effect in order to introduce laws that ultimately allow for abortion for a variety of reasons.

We are encouraged to speak firmly and compassionately about abortion. Pro-choice activists do everything to stop abortion being talked about. Frances Kissling of the misnamed "Catholics For Choice" admits that the pro-life movement has solid arguments in its favour: if we campaign to prevent the exclusion of women and minorities in our liberal society, how can we exclude an entire group of persons, namely, unborn children?

These are really good answers to twenty tough questions on the single most important issue of our day.